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Feeders » 220 Litre Milk Mixer

Product Code: MKM2PEF (Floatation Tyres)

220 Litre Milk Mixer
220 Litre Milk Mixer 220 Litre Milk Mixer

The new Wydale 220 Litre Milk Mixer has a powerful Honda 4 stroke engine which rapidly mixes and delivers the milk where required. It is capable of delivering 100 Litres of milk per minute via its 6 meter hose and heavy duty hand nozzle. Washing is easy and the flip-lid reduces any chance of contamination.
The mixer comes with either road or floatation tyres and is mounted on a chassis with a tow hitch.
-Capacity 220 Litres
-4 Stroke Honda engine with pump
-6 Meter hose
-Heavy duty nozzle for controlled discharge (100 Litres per minute)


Height - 1,100mm
Length(With hitch) 1,700mm
Width - 1,200mm
Nominal Capacity 220 Litres

RRP: £1425.00 (delivery: £0.00)